City/ District:
Bursa / Nilüfer
BeşevlerMh. Bilginler Cd. Karafatma Meydanı Karşısı - B.B.B. Beşevler Sosyal Tesisleri Nilüfer – Bursa
0533 614 43 39 / 0224 452 51 41

Sabriye Pamuk Gülper, born in 1964, started taking marbling classes in 2002, and illumination classes from Asiye Kafalıer in 2003. She received traditional relief glass decoration training at Kadıköy Public Education Center and developed a project by blending illumination art with glass decoration. The glass workshop she opened at Bursa Metropolitan Municipality was included in the archive records of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Gülper still works as a production manager at the glass workshop, where she gave Beykoz Work (a type of glass art) courses within the scope of the certificate program of the same municipality in 2016. She participated in many exhibitions and displays both at home and abroad.