The construction of various musical instruments has been going on since the discovery of the instruments of mankind. Traditional musical instruments are gathered under groups of wind instruments, stringed instruments, percussion instruments. These tools are produced using natural materials such as wood, plant, animal gut, hair, bone, horn. The stringed instruments are Kamancheh, kabak kemane, violin, bağlama, oud, tar, kanun. Wind instruments are zurna, çifte, ney, kaval, sipsi, tulum; percussion instruments are drums, dümbelek, def, bells and spoons. Bağlama consisting of three pairs of strings is the most common instrument of folk music. There are many musical instruments included in Bağlama's family. Mulberry, juniper, chestnut, walnut, hornbeam, plum, apricot, boxwood are often preferred in making bağlama. Similar tree species are used in Zurna production. Making a good sounding stringed instrument is not possible only by choosing the right tree; the cutting, preserving, processing of the tree is also a crucial way to experience it. Another popular instrument of traditional Turkish music is "ney". A cane called kargı is the main material for ney.