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Mesude Hülya (Şanes) Doğru was born in Istanbul in 1963. She completed her master’s degree, with Dündar Tahsin Aykutalp as her advisor. Doğru started working as Assistant Professor in Sakarya University Fine Arts Faculty Traditional Turkish Handicrafts Illumination Department in 2001. She still continues working as a lecturer in Sakarya University Art Design and Architecture Faculty Traditional Turkish Arts Department. She took illumination classes from Dündar Tahsin Aykutalp, tile classes from Nezihe Bilgütay Derler, khatt classes from Khattat Mahmut Öncü, miniature classes from Neşe Aybey, book binding classes from İslam Seçen and carpet – rug classes from Yusuf Durul and Aydın Uğurlu. She did the illuminations of many of Khattat Savaş Çevik’s works in 1984-2985, and many of Khattat Mahmut Öncü’s works in 1990. She worked as the kalemişi (an ornamentation art) and khatt restorer in the restoration of Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque) in 1987. Doğru participated in many group exhibitions both at home and abroad, and held three personal exhibitions. From the academy, she entered as Istanbul State Fine Arts in 1980, she graduated as a Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty Traditional Handicrafts Department master’s degree holder in 1985.