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Beyza KAPLAN received training from Semih İrteş and Mamure Öz at Topkapı Palace Turkish Decorative Arts Course between 2008-2010. She completed her training on Turkish decorative arts and pattern designs in Turkish decorative arts at Semih İrteş’s specialization class between 2009-2012. Fıçıcı started studying miniature with Reza Hemmatirat in 2012 and took applied illumination art classes from Mamure Öz in 2013. She took painting classes from Javad Süleymanpour and miniature classes at İSMEK Bağlarbaşı Specialization Center in 2015; in the same year, she was entitled to be a Cultural Heritage Carrier of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in illumination branch. Fıçıcı started giving illumination classes at Zihni Paşa Public Education Center in 2015, and worked with Asiye Kafalıer on a project in 2016. She participated in illumination, khatt, kalem işi exhibitions at Nakkaş Decorative Arts Center and in tile patterns exhibition at Rüstem Paşa Mosque in 2013; Erguvan Exhibition in 2014; Paper Works Expositions USA exhibition and two group exhibitions in Miami-Orlando in 2016. She held a personal exhibition on modern arts in London in August 2017. Fıçıcı’s work titled “Compassion” (Merhamet) won a complete prize in tile branch in the 17th State Turkish Decorative Arts Competition organized in 2013; and her work titled “View of Life” (Hayata Bakış) was deemed worthy of exhibition in tile branch in the 18th State Turkish Decorative Arts Competition. In the EWAAC 2016 competition in London, she was chosen as the most promising painter and won the first prize in the category of 2d-1 (painting) with her work called “Awereness”. Most of Fıçıcı’s works are in private collections. She still carries out studies on modern art, and continues illuminating works of licensed khattats.