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Semih İrteş was born in Istanbul in 1952. He started working on kalemişi with his father Sabri İrteş and completed his apprenticeship at Topkapı Palace. İrteş and his brothers founded the institution “Nakkaş” in 1979. He participated in mosque decorations, restorations and civil architectural decorations. İrteş greatly contributed to decorative arts, especially illumination, with Sema Workshop he founded with Mamure Öz in 1991; trained many students and played a big role in familiarizing these arts through the exhibitions they held in Turkey and abroad. Nakkaş and Sema Workshop united their artistic activities in 2008 under the name of “Nakkaş Decorative Arts Center”, and gathered architecture and book decoration arts under the same roof. Along with his professional applications at this institution, he carries out designs and projects in every field of architectural decoration.